About VIPS

At VIPS, the true goal of education is not just merely about intelligence but rather “intelligence plus character”. Education is seen as a continuous dialogue where the faculty plays the role of a facilitator and not a teacher. ‘He who dares to teach must never cease to learn’, is the backbone of our classroom delivery.

Prof. N.R. Madhva Menon, a renowned legal educator and a receiver of the Living Legend of Law Award, once said: Law influences every person, from the cradle to the grave.

In line with this belief, Vivekananda Law School (VLS) is an integral part of VIPS. No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking, said Voltaire, a renowned French philosopher and a celebrated author (1694-1778). At VLS, we induce amongst the students, the urge to think intensively and to think critically. This enables them to meet the challenges of the times. They are constantly reminded that they have chosen to pursue and practise not business but vocation.

At VLS, the real objective of education is seen in three axioms:

  • Sa vidya ya vimukyte: Learning which liberates the student from pettiness, narrowness, obscurantism and irrational beliefs;
  • Yha kriyavaan sa panditah: He alone is a learned man who serves the community; and
  • Sheelvrit paravidya: Learning consists of character and conduct